Torrevieja is located some 40 miles south of Alicante, the principal city of the region. The main attraction of the Costa Blanca to the British is naturally the weather with long hot summers and temperate winters. The region boasts sunshine on some 300 days of the year and winter temperatures averaging around 16C. The region is supported by airports at Alicante and Murcia providing access from Britain in around 2-3 hours. Driving time to the Torrevieja area from either airport is about 45 minutes.The major roads in Spain are normally excellent and in a good state of repair. Several modern motorways link major cities. Traffic can be heavy especially in the peak holiday season.The Costa Blanca has become home to many thousands of British and other Europeans. As a result facilities exist for a high standard of living with nearly all the services one would expect. There are numerous social and sporting activities to be found including several first class golf courses making the outdoor life more attractive to that found in Britain.

Large supermarkets and hyper-markets are located in the area where first class fresh foods and produce can be obtained. Some branded goods such as cereals and baked beans will be considerably more expensive than in UK but alternatives abound. Local markets are held in many towns and villages offering exceptional value on fruit and vegetables.Expect to pay a similar price for most commodities as found in UK with the exception of cigarettes, petrol and wines & spirits which are considerably cheaper. Public transport is limited so owning a car in Spain is essential. Local social events take place regularly throughout the year and are often spectacular. To see what is taking place in the near future click here.

Buying and selling property in Spain

As in Britain prices of property in Spain vary quite considerably between different areas. In common with prices back home those in Spain have shown considerable increases in recent years but there are still good opportunities within the market.

A Newcomers Club operates on a weekly basis in a local hotel. This is designed to give advice on all aspects of moving to and living on the Costa Blanca. Here you can meet others who have recently taken up residence in the area and discuss any problems with those who have experience of living in Spain. Details of venues usually appear in local English newspapers.

ARPO is unable to offer any advice to prospective purchasers on this issue but can only recommend that those interested in purchasing houses in Spain undertake thorough research.