FUN DAY at Green Baize, Quesada

This year’s ‘challenge’ between the Extinguished Firefighters and ARPO took the same format as last year. 

Everyone met at The Green Baize Snooker Hall (next to Quesada Fish & Chips) around 11am for a coffee or a cool beer and shortly afterwards the competitions commenced in Snooker, Pool, Darts and Dominoes.  ARPO seemed to be up for the challenge this year and made good progress in the heats and after a couple of hours there was a break for a welcome fish & chip lunch, provided by Quesada Fish & Chips.

Back to the games and down to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals in each sport.  During these events it was obvious that ARPO were going to win something this year, as some opposing finalists were both ARPO members!

A raffle, donated by attendees, was well supported and raised just over €155 which will be added to other money and nominated for charity by the Extingquised Firefighters at the end of the year.

The presentations were made by ex-Firefighter Dave Graham and thanks were given to ARPO for attending, the Extinguished Firefighters for hosting the day and, of course, to the staff of The Green Baize.  ARPO were the overall winners of the day – winining at Darts (Carlos Dugine), Pool (William Hill) and Dominoes (Carlos Dugine) – and our Chairman, Fred Wharton, was presented with the major trophy!

p.s. we are not sure what ‘Quasimodo’ was doing in our last photo below!