Association of Retired Police Officers on the Southern Costa Blanca Spain

Crime on the Costas

The newspapers circulating on the Costa Blanca regularly report incidents of crime varying from house burglaries to robberies and theft. This is a sad reality that such crime does exist here in Spain but the general rule is that those who take proper precautions should not be victims.

Unfortunately, nobody is immune altogether and there are occasions when you may need to report incidents to the local police. This in turn can be very inconvenient especially if you do not speak Spanish to enable you to report the facts. In such cases you may need to employ the services of an interpreter which can prove costly.

To overcome this a form including all necessary relevant information has been prepared showing appropriate entries in Spanish. Click here to select the MS Word or Adobe pdf file and print and use which ever pages are needed. (See the Links page for some local translators) Traffic Fine Scam. Recent reports suggest thousands of holiday makers are bing duped into paying bogus traffic fines due to a hoax targeting tourists in Spain. On returning home to the UK, travellers have been receiving payment requests of approx, €129 from a Spanish debt company. The acronyms of DRAYES and MCCREE have been used.

Another Crime Scam Recently an elderly couple arrived at San Javier airport to start a two week holiday in Algorfa. When they arrived at the airport they collected the keys for the hire car and when they were going to get the car they were approached by a male wearing a hiviz jacket and an official looking ID badge, he asked them if they needed some help to locate their car and they were quite happy with the offer.The male said that he would go to get the car and bring it to them and he took the keys and luggage with him. The next they knew was that the male got into the car with all their luggage and drove off leaving them stranded in the carpark.The car was later recovered minus the luggage which included all the couples cash house keys and passports.

This was reported to the Police and the car hire company,but the couple had to make arangements to get temp documents and cash from the UK. Not a good way to start your holiday.